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    Kiwi on a treadmill.

    well you can tell by the way i use my walk i’m a flightless bird

    i can only walk

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    If you like pina coladas…

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    Tattoo done by James TattooArt.

    holy shit

    still mesmerized. wheres mine?

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    Some Guy Recreated a Bunch of Female Tinder Pics and They’re Glorious

    I chose my favorites, but you can find the rest here

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    I’m crying.

    LMAOOOOOOOOO the screaming in the beginning

    "mr. owl"
    "oh jesus christ"
    "please don’t give me that look"
    "please don’t fly"

    DYING omg

    this is my favourite video on the internet

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    Painfully average looking with a great sense of humor and always down to get drunk

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    8-Bit FRIENDS.

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  11. I look into those blue eyes that no amount of dramatic makeup can make truly deadly and remember how, just a year ago, I was prepared to kill him. Convinced he was trying to kill me. Now everything is reversed. I’m determined to keep him alive, knowing the cost will be my own life, but the part of me that is not so brave as I could wish is glad that it’s Peeta, not Haymitch, beside me. Our hands find each other without further discussion. Of course we will go into this as one.

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    When the restless, wiggling majority has settled into sleep, I carefully extricate myself from my blanket and tiptoe through the cavern until I find Finnick, feeling for some unspecified reason that he will understand. He sits under the safety light in his space, knotting his rope, not even pretending to rest. As I whisper my discovery of Snow's plan to break me, it dawns on me. This strategy is very old news to Finnick. It's what broke him.

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    I was bored..

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